Frequently asked Questions

If Siri can’t answer it, we will! Frequently asked questions prior to you signing up for your very own 24 hour donations hotline.

How is different from other donation channels?
  • provides you with your very own dedicated 24/7 donations hotline. This number only belongs to you and can be shared to accept donations online and offline anytime of the day or night. Behind the scenes we’re making sure everything is safe, secure and working. No one else gives your organisation more credibility and additional donation channels for fundraising like we do.
What can mean to my organisation?
  • is much more than just another fundraising channel. It provides a niche channel for accepting card donations. It can be used on all communications with your donors including website, fundraising events, newsletters, social media, print media, radio fundraising. further provides a very important offline donations collecting tool. Imagine your donor wanting to make his donations with his credit card for that item he has just bid on at your fundraising event.
How many simultaneous calls can my donations hotline accept?
  • Your 24 hour donations hotline can accept 301 simultaneous incoming calls. If this is not enough, we have the means and power to increase this number to any amount possible, just let us know.
Is secure?
  • Security and reliability are the highest concern for us. is powered by Callpay, we are a Level 1 Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) version 3.1 compliant Service Provider being audited on a yearly basis by the card brands such a s VISA and Mastercard.
How much does cost?
  • Our prices rock! Your 24 hour donations hotline setup is only R995 once-off. This includes your hotline number rental, IVR and merchant account. You then only pay a fraction on each donation received onwards.
What if someone on the plane is taking the whole armrest?
  • This is a question we actually know the answer to. If the person sitting next to you on the plane is taking up the entire armrest, they know what they doing is wrong and you shouldn’t take it lightly. Our personal advice is to wait for the person to sneeze, then look up in front of you but definitely don’t say Bless You. The person will expect a Bless You. Don’t be surprised if half the armrest is yours within 3-5 seconds. If you have a better idea, get us on Twitter (@donationhotline) with your idea and we’ll credit R100 to your organisations account.
What is a merchant account?
  • A merchant account is a type of holding account that allows your organisation to accept donations by payment cards, typically cheque or credit cards. A merchant account is established under an agreement between an acceptor and a merchant acquiring bank or payment service provider for the settlement of all payment card transactions.
Do I need a merchant account?
  • Yes, you do. But luckily we have taken care of that for you. We have partnered with PayU, South Africa’s leading electronic payment solution provider to provide you with your merchant account. This process is taken care by us automatically so you can focus on fundraising for your organisation.
What are the merchant fees for accepting donations?
  • Each donation received carries a standard R2 transaction charge + 4.5% card processing fee. Pay-outs from your merchant account to your bank account are done every second Wednesday. If you would prefer to be paid out every Wednesday, please contact us on
When do I receive my donations in my bank account?
  • All pay-out of funds to your bank account is done after a standard vetting procedure. Once your account has been verified, our payment service provider, PayU will pay out all donations received every second Wednesday to your nominated bank account. All pay-outs carry an admin fee of R10. If you would prefer rather to be paid out weekly on a Wednesday, please contact us on
How do I issue my donor with the required Section 18A donations tax receipt?
  • No worries! We take care of that for you. Each donor will receive a sms thanking them for their donation to your worthy cause with a link to his donations receipt. Remember to upload your logo, go to LOGIN – YOUR ACCOUNT – SETTINGS – GENERAL so that the donations receipt will be fully custom to your organisation.
How do I know that my organisation has received a donation?
  • You can view donations in real-time by login into your account. You can further also set email alerts each time a donation is made via your donations hotline.
How does my organization get billed?
  • Each month you will receive an invoice from with your organisations monthly charge of R99 plus R2 for each successful donation. Card processing fee is deducted before funds are settled to your bank account every second Wednesday.
Do my donors have to create an account in order to donate?
  • Speaking from experience, we feel the less hoops your donor have to jump through the better. is simple and easy to use. Your donors to not have to create an account to donate.
Can I personalise my IVR Voice over to have my own welcome message?
  • You bet! Your IVR welcome message is fully customisable. This can be requested by simply sending a request email to The once off cost of your personalised voice over is R495. Voice overs are personalised free of charge for all yearly subscribers – One Year Pre-Paid is only R950
How long does it take to activate my own donations hotline?
  • Instantly! After sign-up has been completed you will have your own dedicated donations hotline ready to accept donations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
What is the contract period?
  • No ways! Never! We believe in keeping it simple. We have no contracts, no set-up fees or complex pricing only a simple PAY-AS-YOU-GO pricing model. But we do other huge discounts for 12 months pre-paid. See plans and pricing here.
Who is behind
  • is an automated 24 hour donations hotline developed and powered by Callpay. Our patent-pending telephony payment solutions are utilised by globally recognised brands.
I have one more question?
  • You do? No problem, kindly drop us an email at and we promise to have an answer for you in less than a day.
This sounds absolutely amazing, where do we sign up?
  • To have your 24 hour donations hotline set-up, running and able to accept donations in less than 5mins, please click here!